About my long time in this music szene as DJ and rare female producer, I can proudly say that I established myself as one of the most known female DJ’s of Germany. 

I released a lot of music over the years at Labels like Kontor Records, Andorfine Records, 120 dB Records, Wormland Music and Decadent Music. Music is one of the most passionated, fundamental things I do in my Life. 

I work for what I want and thats why my technical expertise in music production and DJing has continually grown throughout the years, along with my solid reputation within the music scene. I can say I´m not just blessed, but luckily be able to experience my life full of making music every day. I practice piano, enjoy the nights and Partys on tour to the fullest and this life around all that. 

But basically I´m just successfully because of the people who support and love what I do. So the most love goes to you all, who are with me. Stay tuned, stay into music.